Dealing With Rejection

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Webster dictionary defines rejection as: Refuse to accept, submit to, or use. Refuse to hear, recieve or admit. To cast off or throw back.

When people are diagnosed with Schizophrenia one of the causes are rejection. It starts in childhood or infancy if the child is not wanted or the sex of the child is not what the pregnant parent desired. Rejection comes in all different forms including being divorced only to find out the one who divorced you remarried. Or maybe you were snubbed by people in the church causing one to forsake church membership altogether.

Getting past rejection is a long road to recovery, but it can be overcome. Putting your trust in God is a huge step to recovery. When one sees life through the eyes of God (studying the Bible) overcoming rejection gives one a better outlook on the hurtful experience of rejection. Sometimes we see rejection as a bad thing but sometimes God will protect us from oncoming danger we don’t see. God loves us and He knows what’s best for us so the very thing we try to fight to get God will block it, making us to go an alternative route (His route).

Everyone has experienced rejection at least once in their life. It could be not getting the job although you had all the qualifications. One key to overcoming rejection is to know you’re not alone and ask others how they overcame. You want to let the situation die instead of replaying the rejection over and over again in your mind. We have to forget the things that are behind you and keep pressing forward. Learn how to forgive those who rejected you so you can be free. The one who rejected you has moved on with their life, you have to move on also in order to have a promising future. One can’t bring th rejection into new relationships or it will spill over and contaminate the new relationship.


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