Chemical Manufacturers & Suppliers – An Integral Part of The Indian Economy

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Chemicals importers and exporters of India have risen tremendously in the past decade, adding substantial amount of foreign exchange to the country’s economy. The chemical manufacturer and suppliers of the country have an important role to play in the growth international trading scenarios.

The Chemical Industry of India is a relatively old industry that started operating after independence of the country in 1947. It is indeed one of the oldest and fastest growing industries, which has touched every sector of consumer durables. The Chemical industry of the country currently produces more than 60,000 business products. Besides supplying much required raw materials for the manufacture of products for daily necessities, it also contributes to industrial and economic growth of India. Different categories of organic and non-organic chemicals including those used in alkalis, fertilizers, detergents and glass are manufactured in India. Other categories include Drugs and pharmaceuticals, Plastics and petrochemicals, dyes and pigments, engineering plastics and specialty chemicals, pesticides and agrochemicals and fertilizers.

Owing to the increasing demands in the international markets, the import export activities in this field have largely increased in the past decade. Different industries across the world outsource their organic and non organic chemical requirements for manufacturing the final product in their own units. One of the most important elements required in bulk by several companies are chemicals and polymers. This has resulted in the increase of chemical manufacturers in the country to fulfill the rising demands across the globe. Indian Chemical exporters are in great demand in countries like Sri Lanka, China, UK, Singapore, UAE, Hong Kong, and so on.

Indian chemical manufacturer are popular amongst the global Chemicals importers because of numerous reasons. First and foremost, because the quality of the Chemical manufactured here is at par excellence and meets the western standards of quality control. Secondly the products imported from India are very cheap hence it helps the foreign buyers to cut down on their cost. Chemical products manufactured here are preferred over others as it helps different international industries to focus on their main business. To save their time and energy and the Chemicals importers across the globe refer to the services of online database companies. Infodrive India is a pioneer online database company that provides export import Chemical products’ data and directories over the internet.

With the increasing demands in the global and domestic markets, the Chemical industry of the country has witnessed a tremendous growth accounting a major share of the economy. It provides ample employment opportunities in the country. At the global front, the country’s chemicals importers and exporters have established a premier recognition in the world market. The efforts made by our constitution towards the improvement of the industries has played a significant role and enabled us to be ranked as the 12th largest producer of chemicals in the world.


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