5 Reasons To Become A Registered Nurse (Rn)

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Nursing is one of the hottest fields for career-oriented people. Nursing stands second only to technology as the field with the best jobs. More and more employment opportunities are available as the population ages and more people demand health care. Becoming a Registered Nurse, or RN, is a fabulous opportunity for you to provide for your needs as well as care for others’ needs. If health care and serving people interests you, becoming a RN is the best option for you. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose nursing as a career.

. Money

People say that when choosing a career, money should not be the only thing you should consider. But hey, we all have bills to pay. Since nurses are in demand, their salaries are high. Even if you have just qualified as a RN, you can earn above $50,000 as a starting salary. As you continue to progress and gain experience, your salary will go up as well and you could live a comfortable life by just serving people.

. Personal Satisfaction

You will help the people in their fight against disease and illness. While not all of them will come through fine, it is a great feeling to know that you have made a person’s life better. As a RN, you will have the chance to see your efforts actually making a difference in the lives of people. There is no greater emotion than just being human!

. Job Security

Nursing is one of the most secure professions and you will not have to fear that you would lose your job. In the ongoing recession, being a RN has been a safe bet for people, as health care is one industry where the demand has not fallen and jobs are always available.

. Work Hours

Nurses work in shifts and are not in to the routine 9-to-5 jobs. You can enjoy the flexibility in working hours, especially if you are raising a family. Working the night shift enables you to take daytime classes which will boost your potential and increase your qualifications as a RN, opening the door for better career opportunities.

. Location

Nurses are in demand in every place on the planet. If you want to branch out and move abroad, or if you living and experiencing different cities and countries, becoming a RN is a good option for you. You can work in your hometown, or if you want, go anywhere in the world.

So, if you want a good life for yourself while at the same time making other’s lives better, become a RN.

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