Songwriting Tips For Guitarists

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A songwriting contest is basically a contest through which musicians get the opportunity to submit original music to a third party or forum, generally to win a prize or some other benefit. Songwriting competitions have existed long before the advent of the internet, but nowadays these songwriting contests are conducted through websites or musician forums.

Given below are some songwriting techniques for guitarists:

Tip 1: Start with Rhythm first: You can experiment and combine different rhythmic ideas into a single idea. You can consider two of your favorite rhythmic patterns and combine them into a single idea.

Tip 2: Augment Rhythmic Values: Create and write down a short rhythmic pattern one measure in length on paper. Now augment the value of each rhythmic note or rest. For example if you have this pattern: One quarter note, two 8th notes, another quarter note, then four 16th notes, then “augment” all of these rhythmic notes by doubling their length. This way you will be able to create a rhythmic pattern that is slower and twice as long but using the same number of events and the exact same pattern.

Tip 3: Diminish Rhythmic Values: The concept is similar to augmenting rhythmic values. However in this, you need to shorten each rhythmic event, the result is the same pattern but in shorter rhythmic values

These are simple, basic tips for songwriting. You can also create other combinations by adding a dot after each note or change to triplets. This can be done with augmentation or diminution.

Likewise, there are other interesting concepts such as “Destructive Rhythmic Creation”, that you can apply in songwriting contests to create excellent song pieces. So, start composing new melodies, or chord progressions, or riffs for these new rhythmic ideas. These songwriting tips would surely give you an edge over others in the songwriting contest.


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