A Look at The Current Zombie Craze

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The boys have a new addiction, and that is zombies. I do not know why the stumbling undead have suddenly taken the hearts of a whole generation of males, maybe it is to cancel-out the grotesquely romantic vampires that have become popular with the young girls.

I should probably confess this now: I have never cared much for zombies. I do not find them in the least bit affective in horror, and I am rather tired of the whole concept of an evil corporation releasing a virus into the world and thus bringing the zombie apocalypse. It was smart at first, now it has become cliché. One thing that zombies do work in is comedy. Shaun of the Dead, Planet Terror, and Zombieland were each truly hilarious movies which even I enjoyed. They worked because they realise that nobody are really scared of zombies anymore, if anything they are generally adored. How can something be scary if you think they are “awesome”?

One of the things I have noticed, is the zombie-fans appear to be rather outspoken about what a “true zombie” is. In many people’s mind, a zombie should be a reanimated corpse which stumbles about and bites people. When a person is bitten by a zombie then a decease is spread and the bitten becomes a zombie themselves. It is quite obvious that this is a little inspired by the concept of a vampire: an undead entity bites, and the bitten becomes undead themselves. The only difference is a vampire has full control of their mind, as appose to a zombie who is driven by their urges. 

People these days have rather specific ideas of what a zombie is, but let’s look back at what a zombie was originally.

The original zombies had nothing to do with a virus, or indeed felt the need to bite anyone. Zombies actually came from voodoo. A Boker was the name for a sorcerer/wizard.  A zombie was a corpse that was revived by a Boker and controlled like a puppet. So if a person wishes to classify what a REAL zombie is, then quite frankly, it would be the kind found in the Harry Potter books/films, as opposed to the sort found in a George Romero movie.

The point I am getting across is that a person cannot define what a real zombie is. It is entirely up to a filmmaker, author, etc, to interpret what they believe a zombie is.

The zombies in today’s culture, were created by George Romero, with the later popular addition of avirusthrown into the mix by other sources (such as the Resident Evil video games). These modern zombies were Romero’s own interpretation of the zombie, and not what a so called “true zombie” really is. In my view, all these modern zombies you find in films, are nothing more than rip-offs of this man’s rather inspired idea.

As I have previously stated, I am rather bias as I do not get the appeal. However, in my view, the more you see of something, then the less special it becomes.

Yes I understand that you boys loves your zombies, it is quite evident in today’s movies, literature, and (especially) in video games. However, most of these are nothing more than the same ideas done over and over again. If we are not going to get some sort of reinvention, or an original take (and no, zombies that happen to run, are not reinventing the wheel) then maybe it’s time to let the zombies die. Well, at least for the moment, until it feels fresh again.

Note to the girls: yes I do realise that there are plenty of girls out there that loves zombies. However, in my observations, boys are the majority. 


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