An Interview With Patti Stanger From The Millionaire Matchmaker

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In a recent interview, Patti Stanger from the Millionaire Matchmaker has admitted to some very interesting ideas about dating. She stated that she believes that a woman has nothing more to offer to a man than sex. Therefore, her suggestion to all the single ladies out there would be to hold out as long as possible. She claims that once a man is having sex with a woman he no longer feels the need to make a committment.

Although Patti Stanger is a famous television personality, I definitely do not agree with some of the things that she says about dating. I think that waiting to have sex should be less about trying to obtain a committment and more about making sure that you are having sex with the right person. There is nothing wrong with having sex without marriage. Sex is a way of exploring the physical part of a romantic relationship. Sex can be very enjoyable when there are real feelings envolved.

A woman definitely has a lot more than sex to offer to a man. It is a shame that Patti does not know that. What a terrible thing to teach the young women out there! According to Patti Stanger a woman is nothing more than a piece of meat. I cannot believe that a Jewish woman would say such a thing. It is truly embarrassing.

On the Millionaire Matchmaker show, Patti Stanger advices men and women to change themselves for the purpose of attracting more partners. However, this strategy can backfire because people are not being honest about who they are. Once they reveal their true look and personality to their match, there is likely to be trouble in paradise.


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