No Pants Subway Ride 2011

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This stunning event that took place on January 9, 2011 amazed people who took the subway.  Watching other people took out there pants during the event created a lot of smiles today.

The event is just not happening in one City but is also being done in Chicago, New York, London.  The concept is very simple, just take off your pants and do what you always do without being flashy about it.

Some Countries have already been doing this gig for 2 years and some followed the event.

Just make sure that you will wear an underwear with no holes in it, that would be illegal maybe.  Who knows if you have the guts to join in, then you can next year.

Some people just go there to just have fun.  This season is actually done because of the off peak season of the subway station.

Here are some videos and pictures:

I think I will be joining this event next year, taking your pants off is really not that bad, I can wear it in the beach why not in the subway.

This event is very enjoyable especially to those people who have not seen it yet, just like me when I saw on person that has no pants in the subway would make me smile and think that this guys must be stupid.  Not knowing it is a No pants Subway ride 2011 day.

Go on have fun and enjoy this event, if you miss it this year, there is always next year.

To be in groups is better than acting alone.  Well, most of them act alone.


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