The Boons And Banes of Pay Per Lead Telemarketing

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There are several lead generation techniques a business owner can choose from. Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to lead generation, there is no such thing as perfect. The same is true when you buy leads through a pay per lead telemarketing program. There are boons and banes in the process. Typically, these pros and cons are shared by other marketing instruments while some are exclusive to pay per lead. Let us find out what these boons and banes are.
BOON: It uses telemarketing.
BANE: Cold-calling and appointment setting may not be good enough.
Buying leads on a pay per lead payment model is powered by telemarketing. This is both good and not-so-good news. On the positive side, telemarketing is undoubtedly efficient in getting customer response and reaching prospects with just one phone call. No other medium can help you get a hold of prospects in a matter of seconds. This gives you the upper hand if speed and accuracy in contacting customers and potential clients are to be considered.
On the other hand, the effectiveness of the telephone can only be corroborated by the abilities of the people making the calls and the technological aspect of this strategy. There are no misgivings in the capacity of telemarketing in helping sales people speak with prospects easily and quickly but success does not rest on these alone. More important is the performance of professional telemarketers in qualifying a sales lead and appointment based on the criteria set by the client.  
Poor quality sales leads and mediocre appointments are two things that clients pour out their wrath on. Reliable pay per lead telemarketing companies are able to provide you with good quality business leads.
BOON: Paying a fixed rate for sales leads is more cost-efficient.
BANE: Buying just a few number of leads is expensive.  
This is generally true for most businesses that outsource lead generation. However, for companies that are just starting up, with limited marketing resources, or need less number of sales leads, say for example 5 to 15, pay per lead can be a good choice. If you need 20 or more B2B leads, then this compensation model will be a liability instead of an asset. This is so because the total cost for pay per lead is variable, in contrast with the fixed rate or SLA-based campaigns. This means that you will pay more if you buy more and the other way around.
BOON: Pre-qualification process guarantees that the sales leads you buy are of high-quality.
BANE: Other companies are trading recycled leads.
Do not be misled by the offers of shady lead providers. Look before you leap. Even though pre-qualification process permits you to purchase sales leads of high quality, those that fit your criteria, some telemarketing firms may sell overused or recycled ones. It is your unalienable right to purchase fresh and exclusive leads, but you should be wary of the provider you choose and evaluate the processes involved in getting those leads.  
BOON: Speed and accuracy are guaranteed.
BANE: Other firms may sacrifice speed for accuracy.
If done properly, pay per lead telemarketing can strike a balance between speed and accuracy. But there are instances when a see-saw situation is encountered and precision is sacrificed over speed. This will make the leads lose relevance, and if accuracy is set aside to reach deadlines or quotas, leads will lose reliability.  
BOON: It extends from targeting high quality sales leads to setting qualified appointments.
BANE: Conversion rate might be less than expected for mediocre appointments.
One of the advantages of a pay per lead program is that the service does not end when the leads are handed to you. The telemarketing firm pre-qualifies each lead and ensures that appointments are meaningful and will open real business opportunities for your firm. In cases of failed appointments and you are not at fault, the lead provider replaces the lead for free.
Just like any other lead generation tools, pay per lead telemarketing has its advantages and disadvantages. Success greatly lies on the overall competency of the lead generation firm in supplying their clients with high quality business leads.


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