Market Stability of 3D Content And 3Dtv's – Friend or Foe? – 3Gi Studios

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Is 3D a fad? This among others are the questions fire-storming not only the 3GI offices, but throughout the film and television industry as a whole. Will James Cameron carry this industry on his back with the anticipated releases of Avatar 2 and 3?  Will we see it fizzle out with the astronomical prices that it takes to not only create quality stereoscopic images, but to deliver it to the common consumers home?

My question in rebuttal: As consumers, do we even have a choice? Did we have a choice to upgrade our televisions from black and white to color? Color to LED? LED to Plasma, to SD, to HD?

Absolutely not. Sure, at first we could fight spending that money, but it’s only a matter of time until that bunny-eared box dies and we’re forced to splurge on the latest flat screen technology (some earlier than others).

As of 2011, all HD Plasma TV’s will be 3D capable. Whether we hate or love it, and even if you just can’t stand wearing those damn glasses, it is coming. Sooner than we all think. Videogames are now being released in 3 dimensions – CoD Black Ops. Not to mention a 3D game console, the Nintendo 3Ds.  Old classic films are being reformatted for stereoscopic viewing – Titanic, Star Wars, etc. (and yes, I am referencing Titanic as a “classic”). Concerts are being filmed in 3D – U2, and The Jonas Brothers (unfortunately). Blah, blah, blah… this list could go on for much longer, but I will end with the most lucrative and consistent entity: Sports. ESPN now has a sports channel dedicated strictly to 3D, in a euphoric manner, I might add. And by god, if you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and catch a football game in 3D. I pity the NFL gate sales. Because keep in mind, this isn’t the misperceived “Disney 3D”. The new wave of 3D is about depth (the Z axis). Not about visuals “popping out of the screen to give you a headache”.  It’s called the “Jack Nicholson view”. Meaning, when you watch that Lakers game on your brand new 3D Television, YOU. ARE. THERE. You are sitting front row, experiencing the players and the crowds’ emotions and actions.

Certainly, prices are steep, and NOONE enjoys wearing those awful glasses, but rest assured, these are all complaints that will soon be remedied. With the release of numerous new 3D TV’s at the start of 2011, prices will surely plummet. New studies and technologies are being rumored all around the industry in regards to auto stereo (3D without glasses), so be on the lookout for that.

2011 is the year of the 3rd Dimension. Fight it, or be at the forefront. Myself, and the others at 3GI Studios will be choosing the latter.


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