The World of Baldies

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The world of Baldies

A writer is always looking for ideas or topics to write out his articles. Sometimes you just don’t get any inkling from any reading materials .or from people you get to meet from time to time. Newspapers and magazines are the ideal sources because you read them every day. Even here you draw a blank on most days.

I have found out another source. I just leave my house and stand on the roadside to study people and I do get ideas. The main road is just about 20 meters from my house. Soliloquists are my favourite targets, but you don’t see many of them; hardly one or two and that too over three hours or so. But then, patience is called for in this method..

Hurrah! I sighted my target within minutes yesterday. Not soliloquists but Bald heads! Every fifth man who passed by me was bald. They were all well over forty years of age. The baldness itself was of varying sizes; one or two were bald almost completely with very little hair surrounding the area. I thought mischievously that a helicopter could land on these person’s head. My thinking cap took its position and I let my mind go wild on the subject.

Both men and women get bald after a certain age. Possibly the affected women are less in number. In modern times, the men folk go in for wigs, especially those with watermelon heads. Surely they need a covering scalp. They don’t feel embarrassed or self conscious about wearing a wig. In fact they would talk about it loudly and ask a friend for his opinion about his choice of the wig. Various types of wigs are available these days in the market. Not all men baldies wear wigs. Many of them live with it without embarrassment.

Baldness is a sign of age and maturity; many people sport it bravely, especially when they appear for an interview for a senior post. As a matter of fact, bald head is a kind of a passport for securing a high level job provided you have the requisite academic qualifications and experience.. As things are today, no one young with thick black hair is likely to get selected as vice president. The wiggers would invariably remove the wig when they attend an interview for a senior post.

The world has changed a lot in recent years. Youngsters just around 25 – 27 years are masters in Management and well qualified in several fields. They could out beat any learned and experienced person in any kind of cross examination. But the selection committee would be wary of appointing youngsters as Managing directors or Chairman cum Managing diretor (CMD). Can’t they wear wigs to give them an aged look and fool the board members !

Women too wear wigs. While men are bold enough to own it and showcase their baldness, women won’t. They would hide even a ten percent damage to the head. Now, some women have eagle like eyes. They could pick out a wig on a woman’s head miles away. So, the wigged ladies would spend their time in a social party only in men’s group. Some innocent men may even compliment a middle age lady over a well maintained hairstyle.

My appeal to the wig manufacturers is that they produce extraordinary wigs in such shapes and contours that one doesn’t distinguish the artificial from the natural. This is for the satisfaction of women baldies.

Another plea is for the Chemists, to invent a hair cream that would conquer baldness completely. All ladies in the world would thank you for this. Next , such a cream would sell like ice cream bars in scorching summer.



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