How to Use A Contact List For Bigger Home Business Profits

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What is the most powerful tool in a internet entrepreneurs toolkit? If you have a mailing list I will assume that you rank it rather highly amongst your tools. Successful internet business owners know that power that a large mailing list offers, and they take special time to build their lists full of interested individuals. If you do not yet have a list or have not began building one, I highly recommend that you start. It will be a huge asset that will build your business year after year, increase your income, and automate much of you business. A huge mailing list could be all you need to earn a great passive income and to create financial independence, but in any case it will be a very valuable asset for you in the future, so building one now is a must.

The great thing about a list of email addresses is that you can contact (and promote to) those individuals on a regular basis. Imagine having a list with thousands of individuals who are interested in your marketing niche, do you think that you could use that list to build your business and generate income? Of course, with a single email you could drive people to sales pages, to your websites, to your storefront, your affiliate pages, or anywhere else that can earn money for you. Now, you could pay someone to promote your business on their list, but it could cost you a fortune and you will only get one shot. How much better is it to own your own opt in list?

Building your own mailing list will take time. It will take time to set up your system for getting people to leave their info on your forms, and it will take time for your list to grow. But alas, your work will not be done for nothing. As your list grows, so will you ability to make money with the click of a mouse…. literally. Well known success coach Robert Allen spent 9 months building an online mailing list of over 10,000. Nine months building the list with no immediate gratification. But the payoff was huge. In a stunt to prove his methods work, Robert Allen generated over $96,000 within a 24 hour period of time.

So how can you build your own email list to grow, expand, and profit more from your internet marketing efforts? All you really need is a simple website or webpage that allows your website visitors to submit their email addresses, which anyone can easily accomplish. Then you need to give your web site visitors incentive to join your list. Offering a valuable gift is always an effective way to get people to willingly give you their email info. A free eBook or newsletter will work fine, and because you can create downloadable products at no cost, you do not need to invest money to build your list.


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