"ducks Can Fly?" And "eastern Eyes", Poems

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Ducks Can Fly?

Ducks can fly? She asked of me, one evening over tea

Why yes my dear, don’t tell me please, have you never seen a V?

Well no my love, can’t say I have, was all that she then said

Well come with me, and you shall see, but first lets go to bed

So have you never cried, in sweet impassioned bliss

Well no she spoke, please show me dear, then sealed it with a kiss

Then on my knees before her, her V that day I wed

Then with a smile, we loved a while, as flocks flew overhead 

The End

© 2010, Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks

For I am West and East is she

Eastern Eyes

From tiny seed in secrete place

Dreams wishes grow with patient grace

In darkness sleeps delusions kiss

On painted lips, in foggy mist

With midnight eyes and skin that lights

Her dreams and shadows hold me tight

To dive and swim, in blackness lost

In eastern eyes like cold black frost

I speak her name and chase about

In desperate search of visions doubt

To no one there with none around

I scream, I cry, I call aloud

In silent halls without a voice

In dusk and cold without a choice

Come to me, I softly wail

In blindness grope, in silence hale

With westward feet I hope and wait

Resigned to lonely voiceless fate

To never know or feel as such

Her eager sighs or tender touch

To sit bereaved in endless mope

Without her love, her warmth, her hope

Except in sleeps lone-coiled embrace

Where bed sheets hide my sallow face

Where loves remembrance of things not known

Can plant a seed, a sprig not grown

The dancers sing, a solos march

The singers dance, in chorus lark

To think, to dream, forever woe

To never know that Sun loves snow

That passion burns away the frost

That lover’s yearn at any cost

Today I’m loved, tomorrow not

My labors futile efforts naught

Tonight I’m missed, in dawn forgot

In somber dusk, I form no thought

To kiss, to lie, to hold a wisp

Of Asian fog, of treasures missed

Poise and balance, beauties form

Grace and strength, in her were born

deeply true my love for she

If only she could hear and see

Within her eyes spins distant east

Upon her lips my spirit feasts

Sun filled nights and darkest days

Are all I have now she’s away

I spin for one, my lonely dance

Her eyes my stage, my pride her lance

For now I yearn, desire I seek

For her I cry, for her I speak

For I am West and East is she

Yet she alone can set me free

© 2010 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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