Dried Chrysanthemums, Chamomile Tea, Poem

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Dried Chrysanthemums, Chamomile Tea

Dried chrysanthemums, chamomile tea

A few extra smokes, late night TV

For dinner, you had black eggs of a duck

Brown beans and white rice, some vegetable stuff

We ate without wine, no dim candle light

We talked about nothing, no laughter this night

You washed while I rinsed, in silence we stood

Till all was well done, or all that we would

We then settled down, my head in your lap

Your hand touched my face as a voice called you back

Upstairs you then run, I down alone

One hour later, still on my own

When once you return a question you ask

I follow you dear, my goal and my task

Neither is tired so off to the bed

Up the long stairs we silently tread

Clothes fall away, sheets pulled far back

Your head finds the pillow, the room goes to black

Your eyes never open, your lips they don’t move

No words am I given, no touch sets the mood

I’m so very tired is all that I hear

Then I’m alone, you’re not even near

With lids tightly closed, and hands into fists

You leave me again, oh fate has such twists

You said that you loved me, wanted me so

Yet each lonely night I still sleep alone

Alone right beside you, your hand on my chest

Your love far away, your passion amiss

So, dried chrysanthemums and chamomile tea

A few extra smokes, late night TV

That’s how I make love…till you want to love me! 

The End 

© 2010 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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