A Career or Just a Job?

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It seems these days that a career is hard to come by. Many of us hope that one day we will be proud of a lasting successful career in a particular field. However, most people never accomplish this goal. In today’s tough economic times it is difficult to stay in one company for an extended period of time. Many companies go out of business or get bought out by larger firms. As a result, policy changes impact our jobs and our ability to keep them.

A career if often looked at as something earned by staying in a particular field for an extended amount of time. However, a career has become just another job. As business needs evolve and new technology enters the market, I cannot help but realize that the traditional concept of a career is evaporating as we speak. The new concept of a career is quite different. It is a more flexible concept. Today, having a career simply means adapting to the demands of the current business trends. It means keeping a job.

A traditional career is not necessarily something to be proud of. The people who do manage to sustain a career over their life time often do so at the expense of their integrity, health, and personal life. In the corporate world it is always necessary to abide by the rules and regulations of your organization in order to get ahead. However, these rules are often unfair and unhealthy for our bodies and our minds. Sometimes it is best to carve out your own path and become a freelancer. That is my own personal goal. I refuse to be controlled by company regulations and wish to acquire complete financial independence. Now that is something to be proud of.


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