Black Plastic Lover-Poem

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Black Plastic Lover

For the millions who think that life comes in a black plastic box

And one single smile or one kind word, is far too much to ask

Blackish leather drapes your boney back, Satan’s mane your shoulders strap

Midnight hair in shadows lay, shimmering both night and day

Eyes of coal and ink of squid, float in livid pools of white and red

They hide beneath what’s blacker still, framed in glass of ambers swill

Ruby nails, red lips of blood, full and flushed, engorged and swelled

Long thin neck of silken cream, white as sugar, smooth as silk

Muscles bulging, taunt at rest, trailing down to spilling breast

You sate your lover’s appetite, with these and more, in rapt delight

From your hands of marbled white, long thin fingers sprout crimson points

They grasp and hold so firmly tight, what gives you chill and makes you sigh

Tenderly your fingers clutch, It’s stiff and firm and black as night

Plastic lover, gleaming screen, buttons white, in polished sheen

The world around you moves and turns, yet for none but him your eyes do move

Stroked and teased you ply your trade, oblivious to all God made

You live, you yearn, you spend your life, making love, black plastics wife

Both kith and kin beside you wait, with silence, rage and jealous pang

Ignored by you as all who live, not born of web, nor phone, nor net

The God you serve lives in your hands, to it you pray and make amends

The world outside your phallic box, is mute and blind, not worth the cost

People, hearts, of bone and flesh, you use to please, yet never wish

For human love nor daughters smile, all you’ve swapped for plastic miles

Your Facebook world and twitter sex, email friends and porno fix

Are all you are and all you want, forever cold and selfish bitch

The who you think, does not exist, the who you are…the world won’t miss

(c) 2010 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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