Autumn Wilne, Bubbly Sprite, Poems

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Autumn Wines         Autumn wines born of springs best    Aged and seasoned through years unrest    Tasted and savored when put to test    In sleep and death do finally rest    (Mr. Wayne Wilks)

 Autumn Wine

Where mountains lay in frosted white and downy cold and frost invite,

Where windswept pines or burning oak entice my nose or eyes alike,

Where birds’ sweet songs in tones up high greet the morn with soft delight,

Where Lune or duck or prairie lark proclaim the rising sun alight,

Where sand and foam and waves that crash, and shells of bright do shine and last,

She is with me.

Where forlorn coos of love struck doves announce the coming of the dusk,

Where songs of night with owls rejoice and tree frogs glee in sound does burst,

Where nature sings of deep dead night and creatures cry of dark affright,

When darkness settles upon the world, and shades the light within my heart,

She is with me.

When dancing flames of devils blaze and angels beams illuminate,

When faces glow in warming tones and subtle hues of orange and gold,

When lanterns sound and rush with might and darkness circles beyond the light,

I yearn for youth and gladly trade my lonely life for just one night,

Of forests dark or dreams alike.

She is with me. 

© Tim Wilkinson 2009

Bubbly Sprite, Poem


I’ve scorned the love of lovings best.

Happy not till laid to rest

In arms enfold, in breasts delight

Till hell and fury work their might

I played the game and held the truth

I laughed and loved in merry mirth

Yet now I find there’s no delight

In alcohol and bubbly sprite

This time! 

© 2010 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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