Two More Have I, Poems That Is

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All the single people

The sad lonely hearts

The love starved souls

The broken and marked

God really does love us

He tells us thus so

He just sometimes forgets

To let us all know

He helps us and guides us

He watches and groans

Yet he’s often too busy

To make himself known

So cry if you can

wish if you must

don’t whine to me

For in God do I trust

No choice do I have

No respite in sight

For only alone

My life is a fright

© Tim Wilkinson/Wayne Wilks 2009


Easter morn, went to church today

I bought some ammo for my Thirty-Eight

Jesus lives they say

I packed my C-rations tight away

The stone is gone I see

I sealed my windows and stashed my tea

We have seen him they shout

I gathered my gold and rushed about

He has risen I am told

I checked the water lest it grow old

The tomb is empty I hear

I locked my doors and checked the rear

He’s coming soon I read

I sugared my wine and swirled my mead

I loaded my rifle and chambered a round

I cocked my piece and walked into town. 

© 2010 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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