Who is God? Or, What Role Does The Maker of The Universe Assume in Our Daily Lives?

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God made the Universe, this is a good starting ground for most people. Beyond this, there is a lot of debate on whether God achieved various feats or if it was coincidence or human accomplishment. Humans are driven to classify other humans for any reason, even for the sake of classification in the name of science. But in the name of science or in the name of compulsive disorder from the folks at Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses, the action is the same, and the effect is parallel: Division of the world’s populace in terms of spirituality.

Does humanity really need to agree on a single religion? What purpose would having a single religion have, except to help alleviate human fear of the unknown by making presumptions on others based on stereotyping them with the entertainment media portrayal of a model character, infamous or famous, of the same faith?

Is the real need to convert our world to our personal religion, or to accept those who have a different religion that we identify with? Or, perhaps, do we need just to stop classifying and sorting, to judge ourselves to be a failure of judge and feel angry with the errors in our ways of having been prejudice, and allow such anger to truly transform our thinking into being at a greater peace within ourself and a better harmony in our world, and visa versa back again?

If, as a species, we can ignore our differences, we might just gain the blessing of sight for our similarities. We all need clean water, healthy food, protective shelter from the elements and other hostile humans and animals, and freedom from illness, while having full access to both inspiring education and meaningful work thereafter. Religious differences are a sham that confuses humans from knowing our fellow brothers and sisters of this world, no matter their age, nationality and social status.

Working together, imagine the good deeds we might achieve collectively, as we each label a person with two simple classifications instead of Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, Mennonite, Lutheran, Quaker, etc. as simply: believer (present tense) or believer in the future tense of the word. Ultimately, we will all know God’s love and compassion; the question, when are we ready to embrace His encompassing warmth and love?


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