Two Poems Have I

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Again I Am Alive

A light wind blows across my skin, its touch so slight and thin

What once was lost I find once more and see my life again

The slight night chill, October wind, now loves the dark anew

What once was false I find this hour to now come fully true

The moon sits high up in the sky, It’s light is shining through

For far too long I’ve missed the night, yet now from me to you

I see, I feel, I touch and sense, no longer filled with strife

I know, I love, and once again within me beats a life

Come morning time the birds shall sing, my heart will hear the tune

In spring, in fall, my love for all, will bloom from now till June

No longer dead to all the world, its beauty now enshrined

Within my heart, my soul, my mind, again I am alive

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 2010

All That I Am

You’ve never seen me and you never will

All that I am are things that I steal

Is it a mask, what you think I may feel?

Or are masks all of plastic, of wood or of steel?

Mine is of flesh, of blood and of bone

Of withering heart, that beats all alone

Nobody knows me, nor ever has one

Seen what’s inside me, or what I’ve become

What you see is an act, a play on a stage

A verse of a song, a line from a sage

Nothing is real, no matter my words

All that I say, blank nouns and vague verbs

Look deep inside, to the depths of my heart

Into my soul, to my dark hidden parts

All that you’d find, would be sad lonely bits

Scared little boys, suckling sweet sugar tits

Cowards and vagrants, prodigal sons

Loners and losers, loving no one

Fearful and silent, shy to the core

Nervous and frightened, afraid of the world

All would be darkened, painful and sore

Never approached, but by flattery’s whore

Nothing but sorrow, tear drops and loss

Filled up with cobwebs, dander and moss

Tortured and treasoned, left in the dark

Abandoned by all, whose love cast a spark

You’ve never seen me and you never will

All that I am are things that I steal

Yet I would die for the chance, to be yours…and be real.

The End

© 2010 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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