How to Tell You Are Ready For a New Career

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When examining how to tell you are ready for a new career, the most important aspect of such examination to remember is perspective. Every single worker in any industry whatsoever has a unique situation that he or she is in, and many potential sources for discontentment. The reasons for wanting a career change might be positive conclusions that stem from practicality, fiscal advancement, or stern ambition; while negatively fueled desire for a long-term shift can be traced to a hostile working environment, seemingly endless frustration, or any one of the myriad complex office politics-related fiascoes that can occur throughout the course of one’s occupational hazards. Boiled down to their basic components, though, there are typically a few common possible indicators.

Chronic Burnout

Sometimes, no matter how motivated a person may seem, their work stands the chance to lead to chronic burnout. This results when work seems futile, unfulfilling, unchallenging, ill-fit, too different over time, or any combination of the factors thereof. This can be among the most compelling way of how to tell you are ready for a new career, considering that such feelings can lead to mornings when you do not feel like going to work at all, much less getting out of bed. This, of course, is not a sensation conducive to earning a regular paycheck.

Economic Outlook

The unfortunate reality of a rapidly changing economy is that, in a strong or weak market, conditions may be altered into a situation for which your current standing is no longer viable for supporting your lifestyle, even for a humble living. In such cases, as tough as it may be, it may be necessary to switch career paths altogether, recognizing how to tell you are ready for a new career and taking advantage of an opening in an industry that will remain relevant and needed for a longer period. As positions become obsolete or lack demand, more workers will find themselves in this particular predicament, as they seek the compensation needed to pay the bills and put food on the table.

Personal Passion

One of the more positive ways of how to tell you are ready for a new career is when your passion for a hobby or other on-the-side activity begins to massively outweigh your passion for your professional career. Although plenty of people have a pastime they enjoy outside of work more than they do the paperwork at their office, there is a point where the imbalance becomes so pronounced that you should begin to consider turning your personal passion into a rewarding new career. Signs may include spending more hours at your hobby than you do at your desk, making more money performing part-time outside of work than you do in your full-time position, enjoying your occasional gigs many times more so than your daily grind, and other indications. When you are confident that turning your pleasure into profit would be plausible and enjoyable, you may need to do some soul-searching and figure out the best course of action.

Examining how to tell you are ready for a new career should assist in examining the readiness itself. Many people have found entirely new and rewarding career adventures by switching positions, but doing so is certainly a risky venture that should not be taken likely.


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