What Bathroom Decor Can Reveal About Your Personality

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The way a person decorates the bathroom can offer clues to their personality.

Here are four bathroom decors and what they may reveal about you:

Country or Nature-From the touch of an old quilt wall hanging to a simple calico curtain, the easy comforts of this particular decor help you to sit back and relax. Your bathroom may also abound with ceramic animals, plants and decorative paint treatments.

You enjoy warmth and charm; nothing makes you more at peace with yourself than being able to communicate with nature. Your bathroom’s a sanctuary from civilization.

Romantic-Fresh cut flowers, scented soaps, wood, wicker, potpourri and candles make you want to linger here (for this is not merely a bathroom; it’s a toilette!). There are also cherished keepsakes among stained glass and lace curtains.

Brightly colored accessories and floral wallpaper complement your reserved, yet hidden passionate nature and showcase your grace and elegance. Your bathroom’s as private and gentle as you are.

Do you prefer to keep an unadorned bathroom or maintain just one basic color scheme throughout? Then your decor style is City Sophisticate. A straight-ahead, no-nonsense person, you tend to cut right to the chase, with modest tastes and temperament. There’s no abundance of accessories in this bathroom (clearly serving the purpose for which it was intended)!

Or do you like bright yellow walls (or any bold color) with a black toilet seat lid, plus heirloom linen and lace towels? Then you’re a combination of styles, an Eclectic. Your fanciful mix of decorating reveals a fun-loving, whimsical personality.

You’re a contented person who has the ability to be comfortable and create an intimate space through a blend of your favorite possessions.


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