The Frugal Valentine Gift Basket For 2011

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This gift basket is one that would appeal to any adult on your list. Simply choose the items that the recipient would most like. And don’t forget to choose a basket, some red and white tissue paper and some cellophane. You might want to choose something other than a basket for your “basket”! A man might like a tool box that he could actually use and that would be the basket you fill. A woman might like a “hat box” that she could use to decorate her closet… now lets get down to some items to put into that basket.

1.    coffee mug
2.    hot chocolate sachets
3.    a special valentine card
4.    lottery ticket… now wouldn’t that be fun if they won!
5.    pound of coffee
6.    iou for something that they would like… like a foot massage
7.    chocolate… is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t like chocolate
8.    gift card to a coffee shop
9.    gardening magazine… or a magazine that would appeal to the individual
10.    bird feeder… tiny ones are available
11.    lip balm
12.    valentine socks… even for that special guy in your life. Who doesn’t want to have fun on such a day!
13.    How about some Valentine stamps? I can’t remember the last time I actually wrote a letter. I kind of miss it now that I think about it.
14.    a gratitude rock… this might sound silly, but people need to be reminded of how lucky they actually are. A little rock is something that can sit on their desk and remind them every day and yes, I have one!

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