How to Quit Alcohol Addiction Immediately?

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Are you suffering from addiction of alcohol. Is your life become hell by the habit of alcohol. Here are some very easy, safe, step by step important methods, which you have to follow to quit alcohol immediately. Please try to maintain the steps in the same order as I have explained. 

1. Make up your mind, focus, recollect your will power and stand in front of mirror and speak loudly five times these words ” I WANT TO QUIT ALCOHOL JUST NOW. I DO NOT WANT TO MAKE MY LIFE HELL WITH ALCOHOL.”

2. Now you break all your bar, alcohol bottles and wine glasses and throw them far away in dustbin and come back to your room.

3. Clean your room thoroughly so that you do not smell any alcohol from any part of room.

4. Go and buy lot of electrolyte glucose packets, pain killers, orange juice and milk packets. This will be helpful for you to avoid dehydration. Better you get these stuff through someone else.

5. As much as possible do not come out of your room for seven days. Now start internet and chat on alcoholic anonymous websites and share with them your experiences. Make new friends on these sites. They will help you and pray for you. It really works. Chat as many hours as possible.

6. If you don’t have internet at home than you can listen spiritual music as much time as you like.

7. Drink more water and juices as well as glucose regularly to avoid weakness and dehydration.

8. Try to keep a pet animal or bird immediately and shower your love on him.

9. Start some charity work of your like.

10. Stop talking with those friends who give you company for your alcohol drinking.

11. Do gardening and start talking with plants about your problems. Or do any other creativity.

12. Make new friends on phone and share with them about your feelings.

13. The most important thing is do not think of past or future as long you are in the process of leaving alcohol. Take one day at a time.

14. Never ever pass through or walk to near by wine shops or beer bars.

If you do all this sincerely I assure you that you can leave alcohol habit immediately. Wish you good luck.


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