Pen is Mightier Than The Sword

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Ever since I was able to understand something by reading a book, a newspaper, articles or anything, I have understood the power of this phrase. In the early days, writers used pens but now it is very much easier if you use the desktop or laptop computers for this particular purpose.

Whatever the tools you or the writer use to express his or her ideas…… you have to use powerful words. The words you are using to express your ideas to exchange your ideas, I believe has an amazing power, or a magical power. Different people use different words in many different ways to explain something or to get something done.

Lovers use words to capture their lovers’ hearts in many different ways. Some people use words to trap people in many ways. Think of how people use their words to achieve their target or reach their goals. Think of how a person like Sakvithi Ranasinghe cheated people using very attractive words. I’m sure you can think of many people like that. Think of people who are engaged in the insurance business how they use words to improve their businesses or to increase the number of clients and to become number one in the same business field.

The poets of course use these amazing WORDS to heal people’s hearts, people get attracted to these words and some I believe, like to think and imagine or try to be the way their favourite poet try to explain something to them or I can say we like to be a role model reading their words.

If you think of some lyrics written by some famous artistes in a minute you can forget the whole world. With these powerful words all your problems will vanish like bubbles.

Sometimes some words truly lead you to obsession that creates many problems. Some writers dominate the whole universe using their powerful words…. Some teach lessons to their readers…. Some writers remind you how you should behave, how the politicians or the leaders should govern the country, how they should avoid doing nasty things to their supporters, their nation or to their motherland.

Some creative writers tell you how we must deal with regard to our day-to-day life. And they also teach us how we should maintain bonds with our loved ones.

You have been supporting your readers in many ways to live a fruitful life. I also like to take this opportunity to thank the writers who are involved in this process in many ways to enlighten their readers.


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