Quit Smoking Period

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There are two  Main reasons to quit smoking, for yourself and for your family. But, just do it. Believe me you will be doing one of the most important things that you will ever do in your life. 

         I am a married man in my early 60’s. I have been a smoker for over 50 yrs. I can remember my very first cigarette and how big I thought I was by smoking it. Yes that’s right I thought by smoking that it would make me look big around my buddy’s. Maybe look cool in other words. Why not, some of them were smoking and they were smoking a lot stronger cigarette’s then I was even. I thought that they were cool and now so am I. I ran with a few guy’s who when we were all together thought that we were the only thing that mattered back then. As I got a few yr’s older in my teens and bought my first car man I thought I was on top of the world. It was a 1950 Chevy. I had it painted Bermuda Blue. I had the interior done in a nice Blue and White Velvet material and man was it sharp. I was still puffing away on my cigarette’s. I smoked Lucky Strike’s, Camel’s, Pall Mall’s to name a few.

        I remember I had this Winter coat and it was made out of a vinyl material. The inside material was a soft cloth like. I on purpose ripped the back and made a small enough hole to hide my cigarette’s. I knew that my Mom washed my coat off every once in awhile and hung it up to dry. I tried to remember to take my cigarette’s out of my coat every night but, one night I forgot to remove them. The next morning my Mom asked me while I was eating my breakfast if I smoked. I was surprised and probably looked it as I looked up at her and said why no. She then asked me who’s cigarette’s those were that were inside my coat. I told her that I was holding them for a buddy of mine. She then said well you had better not be smoking young man. I knew right then if my Dad found out what would happen. He would take my privilege’s of driving to school and other things like seeing my buddies. I was afraid of him finding out for sure. 

         A few years went by and I smoked in front of my parent’s. It was no big deal to smoke after that because it seemed like everyone was smoking. Back in my younger yrs all kinds of Celebrities were smoking on TV in front of everybody. Cigarette Adds were on every channel. Celebrities were smoking in movies while drinking coffee, while riding horses. It seemed ok to smoke back then. 

          I go back and remember that yes I seemed to get a cold or the flu or bronchitis more then most of my classmates did. It never entered my mind that maybe smoking was a cause of this. 

           I grew up, got married and raised a family, four boy’s, and a few dog’s along the way.  Well, here comes the part in this story that I do not like but, want’s everyone to hear it. All that smoking that I have been doing all those years behind me have finally made me open my stupid brain and realize how dangerous smoking is and what it has done to my health. I now have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). I also have Emphysema which also makes me shortness of breath. 

            If only back in my younger years I would had listened to my Mom the many times she caught me with cigarette’s. She told me to stop as it was dangerous to a persons body but, no I was to cool and thought it was the thing to do. Boy was I stupid. I now know all the dangers involved with smoking and have quit smoking as of the first of this year. I was in the hospital for my lung problem and It was so bad I was gasping for air so I could breath. I scared my wife and my son’s so bad they all thought it would be the last time that they would see me alive. It has been five days now since I came home from the hospital and I am doing a lot better now. I haven’t smoked nor am I ever going to again. I think that someone has been watching me and sometimes I think they are holding on to my hand giving me another chance at life. Believe me life is so short and there are so many wonderful things to do and to see.

           There are many items on the market to help you quit. Your family doctor can help you by writing a prescription for certain medication or patches to wear to help you quit. There is also nicotine gum that you can purchase. If you have a friend who smokes perhaps you can quit together. They have just come out with an electronic cigarette that you can smoke that looks like a real cigarette but, my only complaint with that is they say it does have real nicotine in it and I do not want anything with real nicotine entering my body ever again. You can make a difference in your life, the way you feel, the way you smell, the food you eat taste better, your teeth become whiter. Your clothes, your car and all your surroundings will all be cleaner just by quiting smoking. Also a big change in your life besides your health is that you will have quite a bit more money in your pocket. On average of a pack a day for a year that comes out to somewhere around 2,500 hundred dollars. Sounds like a nice vacation maybe or a new surround sound for the living room maybe. You can make it happen with a positive mindset. Just remember that Failure is not an option.

UPDATE::::: Well, here it is 3/18/2011  and I am very happy to say I have Not Smoked Any Cigarette’s since 1/3/2011

I do know that this hasn’t been very long to begin bragging but, for me I think it has been quiet an adventure and I am proud of myself thus far. 

Do I miss smoking? Yes I do. I will not lie to no one…but, do I feel I will ever smoke again? No I do not because of the very Serious Health Problems that comes with smoking. I know in my own mind that I had to quit or else I was prematurely making my death bed. And I did not want to die as I feel I am not ready to give up my life just yet and leave this beautiful earth that God has created for all of us.  

 I never wrote this story to scare anyone but, to try to help you if you do decide to stop smoking. Please STOP SMOKING. DO IT FOR YOURSELF, DO IT FOR YOUR FAMILY, JUST DO IT!


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