Cancer Treatment

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Cancer is thegrowth ofcellsthatnormallyexistsineverypartof our bodyorgans, onlythe growth ofthesecellsbecomeabnormaldue tovariousfactorsthatinfluence thegrowthandtending towardmalignancy.

According tomedical knowledge,the factors triggering thecanceris ageneticchange inhumanbody cells,and those relatedtohereditary, environmental factors,hormonal,andfoodconsumed.globalcancermortality ratesof 5-20%andisoneof themain causesof deathafterstroke, andheart.

In this era ofmedicinethathas beengrowingrapidly,advancingcancertreatmentwithnew breakthroughsofresearch generalthere aretwomethodsincancer treatmenttoday.Namelyeasternandwesternmedicine.Westerntreatmentmethodsincludingradiotherapy,chemotherapy,etc.whereasEastern medicineisthe traditionalChinesemedicine/TCM.bothhavegoodcredibility,andis recognizedinternationally.buttheyare notperfectbecause ithasadvantagesanddisadvantages.if itcanbe combinedboth methods,will undoubtedlyproduceperfect results.

belowthere are10symptomscaused bycancerare:

1. Felt a lump in the skin, breast, thyroid, bone, and other body parts
2. Arise striking changes in moles.
3. When swallowing feels there is a prop object, irregular abdominal pain upper, gastrointestinal disturbances  continuously.
4. Tongue display to change color in a long time and decreased appetite and weight.
5. Bloody urine
6. Black bowel movements, bleeding, constipation or diarrhea and turns.
7. Hoarse voice, dry cough, bloody sputum continuously or when the health check found a shadow in the lung tumor
8. Nosebleeds or blood-stained mucus from the nose, decreased hearing, ringing ears, headaches.
9. Excessive menstruation, irregular bleeding from the vagina outside of menstruation.
10. Long-term fever, anemia with no obvious cause.


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