Clay Poker Chips: Free Cleaning Tips

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All of us who play poker are aware how poker chips get raked, handled and tossed by everyone playing at the table. During the process the poker chips are likely to collect plenty of body oils from the fingers and hands of the players as well as small amounts of food particles and beverages which are a part of the poker game. When the poker chips are exposed repeatedly to such conditions, they start changing in appearance. The buildup of food and oil which is getting deposited while playing can turn the shiny poker chip into a dirty token no one will want to use.

In case your poker chips are also beginning to look like that and are offending your senses, then it is surely time that you clean them. How much you want to clean them is your personal choice, but mentioned here are some general suggestions which you can use to maintain your poker chips in pristine fashion and it will also not damage the chips. Keep in mind that the guidelines mentioned here are not for cleaning the vintage poker chips. It is best to take the advice of qualified experts to help clean the vintage poker chips.

It is a fact that there is a limitless selection of cleaning supplies available in the market when it comes to cleaning poker chips, your options are quite narrowed down for better use. You have to consider three very essential properties when you choose a cleaner for your poker chips to make sure that you are able to maintain your chips in the best of conditions. It is essential to make a wise decision so that your poker chips are not damaged in any way.

When you pick up the cleanser you want to use, you must ensure that the cleanser passes the crucial points mentioned here:

It removes the buildup of grime- It is important that the cleanser eliminates all traces of food particle and body oil properly.

It leaves the ink intact- You don’t want to eliminate the ink marks from the poker chips when you are cleaning it. You have to make sure the cleanser is not very harsh so that it dissolves ink.

Leave the Poker Chips hydrated- This may look like a strange suggestion but poker chips require some amount of moisture to be left in them, or they tend to become brittle. Make sure you don’t anything like alcohol, as it will wipe off the ink and also dry the poker chips. 


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