How to Smoke Smarties

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To start the amazing adventure of smartie smoking first you will need these supplies:

1 Lots of rolls of Smarties

2 A pair of working hands

3 A mouth

4 An open mind

First you put the roll of smarties in your hands and and grind the smarties together in different parts of the roll to make them into powder.

Second open one end of the package into a nice circle shape which you can put in your mouth.

Third suck the smarties into your mouth gentely(not to hard not to soft) but dont inhale them (or else it will hurt.) 

Fourth practice practice practice and you will be able to make them look like real smoke coming out of your mouth and it will taste great.

(If you don’t mind the pain you can inhale the smarties and breath them out your nose for a really cool effect.)

I picked this up from my friend who picked it up from a friend and it isn’t easy to do at first but im getting better but still my friend is like the best person at it and I get really angry at him because he is so good at it.

I am not liable if you do thiis and hurt yourself trying so dont come crying to me if you die


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