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People all around the world use digital cameras these days. They are much better in many ways as compared to the ordinary film cameras. There are several benefits of using the digital cameras. It is possible to carry them wherever we go and we can see the photo as soon as we click them. A big advantage of the digital camera is that it does not create any kind of damage to the environment. There are several companies which have launched digital cameras at affordable prices also so that it is possible for everyone to buy it.

Software is used in digital camera which stores the pictures you click in the memory and it has a sensor which helps in changing the images. You can easily transfer the picture to other systems.

There are many ways in which the surroundings get polluted when we use ordinary film cameras, such as:

  • When pictures are clicked with film cameras we have to get the photo film processed in the developing centre.

  • You have to go through a number of processes with the help of chemicals to convert the film into a photo.

  • There are some chemicals which are used for washing the films which contain developer and fixer solutions. The chemicals used for film processing are hazardous.

  • Once the film has been processed the chemicals are thrown away and this results in pollution which is injurious for the planet as well as humans.

  • There are some set instructions which have to be followed in big chemical plants, but the small photo studios don’t normally follow any rules and regulations.

  • There are times when these used chemicals are thrown in the river, which results in water pollution. These chemicals mix with water and if they are used for drinking they can be very hazardous for human health. They can also destroy crops if used by farmers to irrigate their fields.

The points which have been mentioned afore are not a problem with digital cameras. It is true that we use inkjet printers for printing photos from the digital camera. It may seem like the chemicals which are used here will also harm the environment, but we have to remember that they are not thrown in the surroundings to create hazard in any way. There is also a belief that batteries used in the cameras are an environment issue. The batteries also have chemicals which can be damaging for human health. To minimize this issue the companies have come up with rechargeable batteries nowadays so that you don’t have to discard batteries very often.


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