Hello Beauty 2011!!!

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Color 2011

Prior to choosing clothes that are excited for your collection this year, why not us consider first hue ‘in’ 2011. According to a study on the site, Pantone colors are preferred in pastel colors.

1. The selection of colors can affect the emotions and mood. 2011 creates a more calm and relaxed mood.

2. Similar in appearance color combination you can tell people around on your personality.

3. Rona old and new are combined to produce a fresh appearance. Use colors like gray and pale pink in color selection can be worn with a matching lighter.

Honeysuckle: Rona to bring a touch of excitement and fun. The color combination of pink and red in appearance and make-up makes you more alive and vibrant.

Rose Coral: Orange sophisticated hues seakanakan Beeswax, more to create the appearance of a yellow honey over fresh. Romantic and serene looking. Coral Rose and Beeswax combine to look more unique and captivating.

Accessories 2011

Black leather belt and a golden hue. Some of the accessories is not only women but also handbags belts also be the best option. Accessories such as belts combined focus on deduction pinggangumpama inimemeberi hourglass shape.
1. Stud style remains the trend and highlight the more flamboyant image
2. Animal skin patterns can disebatkan blouses and trousers with a choice of plain or lack of pattern.
3. Details of the elemental iron belt look more attractive.

2011 shoe trends

Hiking Boots
Hiking boots became one of the options to meet the latest trends. Whether the choice of high-heeled boots or wedge established, the details of fur or leather hiking boot offers a variety of options.

Tip: Know Your Body Shape
+ Cuts straight or straight makes you look more slender.
+ Choose a soft tone at the top and bottom gelappada body. In this way, more vibrant colors and dark colors attract less attention.
+ To make the buttocks appear smaller, you can add fields at the top of the body to reveal a more balanced body. For example, wear a dres or blouses with shoulder pads are smaller and softer, avoid skirts with a lining instead choose A-line skirt that gently.


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