Makeup Holiday Season!!!!

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Adventure holiday while relaxing in the new place is definitely a memorable experience. Visit the historic monument and meet friendly people, really exciting! Likewise, do not make this excuse for a vacation of not wearing any makeup. Learn makeup tips for a vacation when you stay sweet face glowing pictures of old record memories.
During Flight
Fill the tools to make the base only in a small bag. These include facial moisturizer and mini-sized packs of your favourite perfume samples. Bring fresher eye drops, wet tissue packs a small bottle of antibacterial and hydrating face mist to the skin. Tip!

    * Send the makeup is minimal.
    * Application of foundation, blusher or eye shadow thick dust will face, especially if you sleep on the flight.
    * Check your face for an hour before landing.
    * Use long-lasting lipstick and waterproof mascara to look attractive throughout the flight. Bring a palette of eye shadow for touch-ups.

Hot climates
Savage weather is hot and humid temperatures can cause problems in the make-up applied. Powder and blusher will melt, and vanished behind the granular sweat on your face. Make a wise secret is to select matte colours for you to look more natural. Tip!

    * If you have oily skin, matte foundation type is recommended for dry skin. It will also absorb excess oil.
    Avoid cream-based makeup tools because it is easy to thaw and heat sticky below.
    * Use makeup to the formulation of extracts of peppermint, lemon, cucumber, green or the effect of cooling and refreshing the skin.

Cold climates
During a visit to a cold or snowy climates, you need to adjust the types of makeup for hydrating dry skin. Use the tools based makeup waterproof makeup kit includes a carrying container! Choose bright colours for eye shadow, but maintain a soft tone on the cheeks and lips. Tip!

    * Use a moisturizing foundation that comes.
    * Use makeup sponge to absorb the natural moisturizer of the skin. So use a special brush to smooth liquid foundation.
    * Cold temperatures will dry lips. Apply lip balm under your favourite lipstick for colour more visible.

Apply a little bronzer on your face after applying makeup. This gives effect to the impact of fresh shiny and glamorous.


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