Taking The Information Superhighway to Insurance Licensing

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If you are on a quest for insurance licensing consider taking an online path to get there. In the early days of the internet it was given the somewhat grandiose nickname ‘The Information Superhighway’. As ridiculous as that name sounds now, it was intended to convey the fact that the primary use of the internet was to transmit information at a faster speed than ever before. One of the phenomenon’s that grew out of the ability to quickly transfer information is the advent of online training courses for almost any industry. Suddenly it became possible to learn at a distance. In relation to insurance, distance learning is dictated by State regulations. Some States allow online pre-licensing courses, others still require classroom courses.

The best way to learn what your State requires for insurance licensing is to contact the State Insurance Commissioner’s office. If they require classroom learning they will supply you with a list of approved providers in your County. If they will allow online learning come to LearnInsurance.com to view the courses appropriate for your State. The internet can be a great way to learn everything you need to pass the insurance exam. When you learn online, you progress through the course at your own pace, reviewing the sections you choose and moving forward when you are ready. This is not always the case in classroom learning where the pace of study is dictated by the lesson plan and by the group.

Even if your State requires classroom learning, the internet can be helpful in the insurance licensing process. Online you can gain access to sample tests and to exam simulators that will help you practice for the test in advance. This type of preparation is valuable to all insurance students, whether they do their pre-licensing course online or in a classroom. By testing you knowledge on an exam simulator you will know for certain when you are ready to challenge the State exam.

We no longer call the internet the ‘Information Superhighway’ – we take for granted that the information we need is available there. When it comes to insurance licensing everything you need to know can be found on the internet – the State Insurance Commissioner’s page will inform you of pre-licensing requirements, and online training providers will offer courses, test samples, learning guides and exam simulators. So, what are you waiting for? Merge onto the Superhighway and get started on the road to your insurance license today.


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