The Queen of Pearls

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During the 19th century in Europe, especially British markets, creating an enormous demand for luxury goods made from “Mother of Pearl.” Mother of pearl refers to the nacreous layer of oyster shell on the inside. Nacre is a material used by the shell to form a pearl. Mother of pearl is used for jewellery, buttons, inlays, and carved pieces to play, even for the aristocracy in England and Europe.

Just open the oyster 15000-20000 is “natural” pearl. Scarcity of natural pearls and beauty has been revered as the “Queen of Pearls.” It is used in the rules of jewellery in the world. The most famous of the natural black pearl is called “Azurai” This is the essence of the collar, which is part of the Russian crown jewels.
Unfortunately, demand was so great that the entire population of black-lipped oyster can be accessed very low. Divers must dive deeper and deeper to find clams, oysters and eventually leave, so that trade cannot continue.
Today, thanks to decades of careful work of producers Polynesia, pearl enough that we can make into necklaces, earrings and pendants.

Tahitian black pearls have become very popular in recent years. Apparently, green and black colours often take the role of a particular colour. See Tahitian black pearl jewellery.

Tahitian pearls come from the Pinctada margaritifera, the oyster shell of dark black lips. Like the suggestion of shellfish by an impressive natural black colour of the pearls they produce. Although described as Black Pearls, Tahitian pearls actually come in many colours from black to silver and gold body even darker. Do not be fooled by the pearls with their cousin, South Sea pearls. South Sea pearl is formed by the Pinctada maxima, commonly called silver or gold lip oyster. Colours range from white, gold and pink. Black lip oyster native to the beautiful lagoons of French Polynesia, Fiji, Samoa and Cook Islands atolls. Interestingly, despite its name, pearls are not actually in the waters of the island of Tahiti itself. But Tahiti is still the main commercial centre of the natural black pearl.


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