Healthy Living is Attainable Through Various Ways, One Method For Freedom From Illness is Presented

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In one’s life, they are faced with a multitude of decisions and a myriad of knowledge to work with. The most responsible action for good health is continual research for oneself, to repeatedly question medical doctors, even if not to the faces of such conventional practitioners of health with a M.D. At the end of their names. One person’s health miracle may be another’s complication nightmare disaster.

Nutrition is among the forefront of action by various nonprofit groups it seems these days, who advocate for the poor and disadvantaged. What one eats will impact their health about as much as what they do not eat. The foods most likely to benefit a person are vegan, stevia sweetener based, lots of carrots and leafy greens, whole grains like quinoa and amaranth, and fresh fruits of various types year-round, and Veganese brand grape seed oil sandwich spread, and fruit purees. The dentists and medical doctors will expend their practice when people eat any meat, including seafoods, sugar, all artificial sweeteners except stevia, white flour products, butter and margarine, hydrogenated oil products, carbonated beverages except those made with stevia, commercial fruit juice beverages (nearly every juice in your supermarket is harmful due to high fructose corn syrup that is added), fruit cocktails that are canned (but excluding no added sweetener frozen varieties), eggs and dairy (loaded with cholesterol) and pancake syrup artificial sweeteners.

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. If a person walks four or more times a week, for 45 minutes per session, they may discover substantial health improvements over a period of just four months. Places that are virtually free are shopping malls for winter months. For summer months, swimming might be favorable, or exercise in the early morning or late evening when it is cooler. The Spring and Fall are great times to exercise outdoors, and one might produce fliers to hand out door to door or walk along major streets to hand out political leaflets for their favorite political parties during such times of the year, or help raise money for their favorite charity or school. Being productive as part of exercise may help many people, as who would want to exercise and expend energy for no purpose, when one may interact with their community with such energy and benefit a meaningful cause or effort.

Rest is ever so important, as without rest, a person’s body will start to force rest, by sickness like flu and colds, among other ailments. Rest needs to be observed daily and in longer periods, one day a week at a minimum. Rest and quality time with family go hand in hand, as family is of paramount importance to give attention and love to. Rest is about doing something enjoyable and fun, even if it is meaningful work different from one’s financial sustenance type work. Rest can be experienced alone or with family and loved ones, or even with trusted and valued friends. The prophet Edgar Cayce suggests a person work eight hours, rest eight hours and sleep eight hours, although for many people such advice falls on deaf ears until they overwork themselves and find illness in their life, then their body forces compliance to such wisdom.

Water is among the most important things one may put into their body. Our bodies are mostly made up of water, and our connective tissues are filled with water. Water evaporates every hour. Some experts suggest drinking eight glasses of eight ounces each per day, by spreading it out, of about one glass every two hours or perhaps four ounces every hour one is awake. Although good wisdom, when taking certain medications, one may need to consume different amounts of water, even if the doctor won’t tell you this. In fact, some harmful medicines, like Lithium Carbonate, can cause death if a person does not get plenty of water, so water in high amounts is necessary, even if the doctor won’t tell you, according to various research. When doctors and research conflict, some people side with M.D. Doctors, while others like myself side with cutting edge research. Doctors claim to base their opinions on research, but most doctors spend their time treating patients to earn money, not to read research for countless hours from various sources.

Meditation and prayer is God’s favorite way for us to hear this wisdom and voice, and can effectively heal better than other actions, like rest and even medications, can ever do. Even medical doctors acknowledge that prayer has unseen powers, dubbing its effects as “miracles” when there is proof that the doctor’s medications and therapies failed to help a patient yet prayer either greatly ameliorated or total cured a health matter, often for years or a lifetime. Prayer is not isolated, far and between, but has and does help many people. Often, medical doctors claim their medicines worked for healing when in fact the prayers healed the patient instead. Science likes to steal credit for its partial or unearned success, while science likes to discredit prayer and any health regime that is not conventional or that benefits anyone other than drug pharmaceutical companies.

Meditation is like prayer, in that it helps a person to hear God better. Meditation is also very calming and promotes rest for most people just as good as pharmaceutical drugs used to calm the mind. The mind needs time to collect its thoughts, and meditation is great to help achieve just that. Even as little as twenty minutes of meditate a day six days a week can reportedly improve health over a period of just two months, with far reaching benefits and long term improvements in the quality of life.

Herbs are an old an trusted friend to the body and to attaining good health. Competitive to the pharmaceutical industry, doctors usually discredit natural plant compounds, known as herbs, yet the merits of herbs has been mounting as more research has scientifically shown their benefits. Some noteworthy herbs include stevia, to lower high blood pressure into safe levels; ginseng, to protect from the cold; echinacea, to stimulate the immune system; goldenseal, to stimulate the immune system; lomatium, to shift body from acid to alkaline to protect from flu and illness; and many, many more herbs help assist the body in its goal of independence from pharmaceutical and medical intervention.

In conclusion, freedom from disease is attainable in various ways. For some, medical care is the only way to health. For those disillusioned persons, nutrition, exercise, rest, water, prayer/meditation, and herbs are a better way than the conventional, authority-approved medical care that is so often preached to us as the only way. Good health is each of our birthright; medical care can lead to complications worse than the problem it is supposed to be solving. Science is not only limited, but is outright flawed at times with various health issues and matters.


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