Why You Should Avoid Paysnork

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Paysnork.com is a paid chat, meaning they pay you for chatting with other users of their site. They say you earn 0.01 cent per 5 characters and payout is at $0.05.

I myself did join about 2 weeks ago. I invested some money into advertising and referred two of my friends.

I did not find time to use the chat as active as I had intended it, my income came mainly from my two referrals.

After I had logged in today, I was shocked.

My first intention was to check whether I qualify for cash out. But my balance was set to ZERO and my referrals were GONE.

I asked for the reasons in the chat and this was the answer:

In case it is too small: Admin had updated for making instant payments and all cash balances of all members were cleared!

Later on, I found out that referrals get credited back to your account when they log in – but who would now still trust this site and use it actively again?

I know that I do not trust Paysnork anymore. Even if it was no intention – as admin says – who can guarantee that this will not happen again? And next time with maybe more earnings than just 5 cents!

I strongly advise you to consider not to use this site anymore. For me, this is looking like scam. Why was there no newsletter about this from admin? Not even the sad news on the homepage… Niente, nada, nothing!


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