Google Chrome – Will It Become The Most Popular Web Browser?

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Google Chrome – Will It Become The Most Popular Web Browser?

Internet explorer now accounts for less than 50 percent of the worldwide web browser, which is a direct reduction of its 88 percent share in 2003. This may be due to the addition of Mozilla Firefox , opera etc. Google Chrome introduced in mid-2008 has hit hard on Internet Explorer and also put a break on the rise of Mozilla Firefox. What could be the possible reason?

What Google says …

Google says, “Google Chrome runs web pages and applications with lightening speed”. Google is correct. In this era of advanced Internet technology, the speed and accuracy of a web browser is important. We browser is used to retrieve information from web page, image, video, email and other piece of contents in World Wide Web.

What should one use Google Chrome web browser today?

•           Internet is for everyone of us. All the users are not experts. A web browser has to be user-friendly, anyone with little computer skill should be able to use and retrieve data from Internet.

•           Using Internet consumes lot of time. Everyday, faster mode of transport is being discovered to reduce the travel time. Similarly, web browser has to operate in lightening speed and Google Chrome will be an ideal choice for Internet applications.

•           Web browser is big business. Mozilla pulled $79 million from advertisements in 2008 given by Google. The popularity of Google Chrome should be able to rationalize the advertisements and also cheaper in costs. Google can serve the advertisements free within its chrome and pass on the benefit to its customers.

•           Mozilla’s advertisement pact with Google will end in 2011. After that it has to look for other partner, as Google Chrome will definitely be strong in the market by then.

•           The mobile browser traffic is also increasing at a very fast rate and here Google Chrome will be the front runner.

•           Google has become a dependable Internet Service provider over the years and Chrome with Google stamp will be the winner in the long run.


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