Useful Information About Isolophobia

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Phobia is any severe, absurd, persistent and irrational fear which makes the person suffer from anxiety.  It is derived from a Greek word which means fear.  It is found that 30 per cent of the people in the world suffer from one phobia or the other.  It is still not clear as to why a person suffers from a particular phobia. 

Isolophobia is the fear of being alone.  It is a very common anxiety disorder where the person concerned is afraid of solitude.  It is also known as autophobia or monophobia.  For example, when you are alone in the office and you start feeling extremely anxious and this happens persistently, then you are affected by Isolophobia

Identifying a person suffering from Isolophobia is very difficult.  They tend to be really friendly and cheerful.  Only they know that they are not happy inside and that they are terrified of being with themselves.  Experience shared by one person suffering from Isolophobia goes like this, “When I am alone in a room or when I am in a mall without any one around me, I feel anxious.  I feel sick in the stomach and my heart starts pounding.  I feel very sad”.   

There may be biological and psychological reasons for Isolophobia.  It may be heredity.  It may also be caused due to some traumatic experience the person may have undergone during childhood.  It may be due to some inappropriate chemical reactions in the brain. 

 The person suffering from Isolophobia should consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible.  The person’s near and dear ones should show lot of love and care.  They should gently persuade the person to seek assistance.


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