Stunning Handmade Wooden Urns For Your Loved One's Memorial

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Unfortunately your pet-friend has passed away and you are now looking for an urn into which you can place their remains. But you want something that is a little more unique than normal, simple handmade urns that are readily available today. There is also a wide range of unique handmade wooden urns that would certainly meet your choice.

The traditional handmade urns come first in this context. They come in 3 different real wood colors and will include a little plaque on the front where your text of your choice can be engraved. You also have the option to affix an image of your loving pet to the top of the urn. These are available with several different sizes and shapes. Choosing your pet’s favorite stance will provide you with a lasting memory of the friend whom you have lost.

There are several colors to choose from, each offering its own personality to the finished product. There are light oaks and dark hardwoods such as Mahogany, or varieties of things in between from Cherry to Birch. Each has its own qualities and will set the tone for any memorial display. Those who are searching for a more modernized look to their loved one’s urns, consider the lighter oak varieties generally. These look stunning and just as tasteful as any darker hues.

 A lot of urns today are made of long-lasting, metallic materials such as stainless steel, brass, and bronze. Many people still choose more classical style handmade wooden urns. Urns aren’t limited to vases, either. Many funeral service providers also offer wooden urns in a variety of designs, often made of cultured marble or oak.

Another option is a ceramic urn which can be manufactured in any breed or color, and can be kept standing, sleeping or resting. These types urns are large enough to accommodate your pet’s remains and will become a beautiful addition to any home. These types of urns are definitely unique and no one would be capable to know what it actually represents to you. People who are not pet owners may find it a bit odd that you have your animals remains in a handmade urn in your home.

If yours pet have spent most of its sweet memories outside, you may consider an outdoor reminder in your garden such as a rock urn. These are made up with a synthetic material with granite coats on the outside and designed to withstand various types of extreme weather conditions. You may go for a permanent fixture in your garden or, if you change your mind, it can be place indoors as well.

Create the Perfect memorial for your loved pets with handmade urns. We invite you to find handmade wooden urns which will be ideal for your loved one’s memorial service. You can choose handmade urns that say a lot about your loved one.


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