How To Save 30% Of Your Energy Cost

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Your house is clean, well ventilated and a comfort zone for you. How did you achieve this. You have cultivated a habit of cleanliness. Why don’t you make a habit of energy conservation. You will not only save your money, you will also add it to your nation’s exchequer. Read this article to know more.

I have claimed that you can save 30% of your energy bill. If you implement all the tips noted in this article, you will save more.

This is no tall talk, it’s an engineering calculation and a success formula.

The success formula is written on priority basis and backed up by scientific explanation. Some actions require a long term planning and has to be executed depending on the availability of  funds.

First Step : Replace all incandescent lamps, CFL lamps by LED lamps. One Ten watt of LED lamp will have the same illumination as a 15 watts of CFL and 60 Watts of Incandescent lamp. Even if you cannot replace all by LED, at least remove all incandescent lamps.

The life span of LED is 50,000 hours and CFL is 8,000 hours. If you spend a little more in installing LED lamps, you will save in energy cost and life span.

Second Step :  75% of electricity used in electronic gadgets are consumed when “OFF”. Switch off the power completely when not in use. You will save electricity and also less CO2 will be emitted in your house.

Third Step : Always run the dishwasher and washing machine fully loaded. A dishwasher when loaded 90% uses 4 units of electricity and 3 units of electricity when loaded 50%.

Fourth Step : Do not use drier to dry clothes during summer and spring. You can save lot of energy.

Fifth Step : Front loading washing machine consumes less power. While replacing or buying a new one, keep this in mind.

Sixth Step : Use only electronic regulators in ceiling fans. Electronic regulators will save energy.

Seventh Step :Raise air-conditioner setting by a couple of degrees, you will not feel the difference, only energy saving. Change the air-conditioner filter regularly, your unit will run efficiently.

Eighth Step :Use a programmable thermostat for your AC or Heater. You can save energy when you are work, away for vacation or asleep.

Ninth Step :If possible, try to use solar power for water heater or room heater. Solar power is free.

Tenth Step :Electronic dimmers can be installed with LED lamps. This saves lot of energy as you may not need full illumination all the time.

Try all these and you will be able to save minimum 30% in energy cost and may be more.

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