In Our Vedas There Are Many Prayers Where Saints Had Prayed For The Welfare of The Whole World

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The new scientific inventions like jet plains, satellites, television, etc. have made the different nations to come very close. The discovery of green house effect which proves that air, water and earth pollution of one country can influence the whole world has also demonstrated the need of some agency or authority which can direct all the nations of the world to follow certain rules to keep the earth pollution free.

The fear of danger nuclear war which can annihilate the whole race of man-kind has also contributed to the development of idea one world state. The economic inter dependence of all the nations has been also strengthening this concept. The sanctions and actions taken by UNO against in August, 1990 demonstrated very clearly the need of one world state.

In our Vedas there are many prayers where saints had prayed for the welfare of the whole world. We are the first people who thought the betterment of all the people of this earth.

 The stoics also believed in the principle of universal brotherhood. The Christian philosopher  saint Augustine and Roman philosopher Dante wanted to establish a world government but their ideas were based mainly only on religion. It is only after the First World War that the idea of one world state was pleaded by the philosophers on realistic basis having consideration for economic and political elements necessities of the modern nations.

The first step in the direction of one world state was taken by establishing League of Nations after First World War. The League of Nations failed due to the selfishness of big powers. It failed to stop Second World War. After the second world war which ended due to the explosion of Atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan by USA. nations of world established united nations organization –UNO. The fear of nuclear war has been a very important factor in deterring the nations to start third world war because such war will destroy all the living men, animals and plant life of the earth. It goes to the credit of UNO. That world has not plunged into the danger of third world war. 

The developments for democratic type of government have been taking place in soviet Russia. It has brought two super powers USA, and soviet Russia nearer to each other. If this positive trend goes on, the concept of one world state may be materialized before 2000 AD. It will bring with it peace, prosperity and happiness foe the human race.


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