Facts About Women

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This is an interesting excerpt from  the bhavishya puran. I would like people to read it. Once telling about the physical attributes of women lord Brahma said that “fortunate are those women who have their sole of feet like the red lotus. Those with dry,half floor touching soles are singularly unfortunate as they get only poverty and distress. those having toes very close to each other enjoy kingly opulence. Those with toes joints quite pronounced get good ornaments to wear.  Those with toe nails slightly reddish and shining get all the pleasures of life. Those who have hard bristles on the outer thighs are generally strife loving and cantakerous. Those with cow like thighs are very garrulous and they often suffer widowhood.

Those with knee joints formed like that of a lion or a cat are unfortunate. They get male issues. But those who have excessively shining knees are generally women of easy virtue. The ladies who have much bristles on their body are not desirable as their excessive libido ends up consuming their husband’s vitality. However those with golden hued soft bristles areare bestowers of immense sexual pleasures.  The women with an elephant’s trunk like softly tapering thighs are by nature sexually overcharged. Those with protruding stomach,suppressed pelvic  mound and thin buttocks are debauch by nature.

The woman who has during the first pregnancy the right breats a little more swollen than the left begets a male issue but those who have the left breast a little more swollen beget  a female issue. Those who have their nipple-point bigger than normal with dark round also widerare also sexually overcharged  and cunning.

Those women with their breast region rather fleshless are unfortunate and they are destined to suffer widowhood. Those who have their breast region rather widespread love their spouse with much of strife and dissension. Theirs is invariably love-hate relationship with their spouse. The lady who has four prominent veins visible on her arm enjoys much love from her spouse. The women with sharp conical hands and soft skin are generally deft in love plays. Those with dry hands love dissension and are cantakerous by nature. Those with whorls on their hands enjoy prosperity. If the ladies have three uncut braclets on their wrists are unable to enjoy pleasure for long.”


Bhavishya puran by b.k chaturvedi


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