Hugh Hefner Engaged With Playmate Crystal Harris

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December 2010 Hugh Hefner announced his engagement with 24-year old playmate and fashion model Crystal Harris. Hefner either seen in bathrobe and slippers or in suit and tie is now 84 years old, and the 60 years between him and his future wife does not matter him.

Crystal Harris was Playmate of the month in December 2010. And only one year later she is engaged to one of the richest media tycoons in the United States. They live happily ever after in the Playboy Mansion near Beverly Hills Hollywood in California.

It was no secret but the “Hef” likes to be surrounded by long legged blond models. “The more the better, the blonder the better” is one of his quotes.

Hugh Hefner made his fortune with the “Playboy” a worldwide magazine for men, which now also is enjoyed by women. The first Playboy Magazine centerfolded Marilyn Monroe which made it an instant hit from coast to coast. Hugh always was in search for a high media profile. Having a blond model either left or right of him is part of his image. An image that gave him nicknames like, Dirty Old Man, Sugar Daddy and the women surrounding him are seen as Gold Diggers.


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