Redecorate Your Room For Less or No-Cost at All

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The right furniture arrangement does more than give a new look to the room.  You can benefit a lot from an area that is used more efficiently. In fact, if you have a favorite furniture piece, you can highlight it with a clever furniture arrangement.  The challenge lies in figuring out the best manner to utilize the available space and at the same time create a cozy ambiance.  This is the cheapest way to redesign a room.  All you need is careful and planning and some amount of creativity.

Before you start moving anything, you must choose and decide the focal point of your room.  Concentrate your efforts around that area or item. It can be anything; a couch, a fireplace, a piano, or a wall painting.

Chairs should be positioned within roughly eight feet of each other to encourage the flow of conversation.  Place a table in an easily accessible area from every chair. Have a light source close to the seating area. Coffee tables must have a clearance of around 14 to 18 inches from the couch. Side tables should at least be the same height as the arm of the sofa chairs for ease of serving easy and at the same time discourage accidental spills. Remember to allow enough space to movement in the room when arranging your furniture. 

In a multipurpose room, set furniture in such a way that you divide the area into distinguishable living and dining spaces. A strategic placement of screen or curtains hung from the ceiling is one simple and inexpensive way to achieve this. Make sure to maintain the balance of the room, and that the sections or partitions don’t conflict with one another.  Using area rugs is an excellent way to define areas and furniture groupings.  Small furniture pieces can easily get lost in a big room.  This is when you need to group them with larger pieces.


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