Apple Iphone & Samsung News – Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas

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The year draws to an end and with Christmas 2010 just behind us and a new exciting year ahead of us, the gadget world is spinning.

The last quarter every electronics company makes sure their latest gadgets are on the shelves in the shops world wide. Old toys are sold for small prices and the latest toys are sold at premium prices, Christmas time is the time where can be harvested. This all means that the cash flow in early January is in to ensure the development of the next generation of gadgets.

Apple never afraid of investing in the latest trends, or even stronger creating them themselves, is ready for 2011. Just a sneak preview of what we can expect for 2011. Apple will be introducing their 2011 toys at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. Apple is about to introduce the Verizon iPhone.

AT& T is still the provider for the Iphone in the United States, but struggled with a flawless network. Verizon Wireless today announced it has built new cell sites to improve their 3G network the Bay Area cities, Alameda, Concord, Oakland, San Bruno, San Carlos, San Francisco and San Mateo.

Samsung will be presenting their new Galaxy Player, which runs on Google’s Android OS operating system and is intended to rival Apple’s iPod Touch.


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