Top 5 Foods That Fight Cancers

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Cancer, or the big C is the worry of many human being walking the face of mother earth. The research on cancer is an ongoing process, and for many cancers good treatment is available now, some cancers still are almost incurable. However prevention is better then cure say the old ancient saying. Prevention comes from quality foods, foods that provide the body cells with the correct nutrients. Nutrients that protect, build, strengthen the production of body cells, but also nutrients which eliminate the free radicals in our system.

Many studies have proven that free radicals can be eliminate from the body system from eating more antioxidants. Eating plant based foods is healthier then eating meat, but we love the meat, finding the right balance is important. Basically eat more plants, and you will increase the benefits accordingly. A serving is a cup full, and aiming for 5-9 cups/servings of fruits and vegetables will be beneficial to your overall health.

Top 1 – Berries

Berries, any kind of berries bring youth to the cells, full of vitamin and minerals berries are the true nutritional fountain of youth. Most berries especially the red ones burst out of their seems for antioxidants.

Top 2 – Broccoli

Broccoli and broccoli–like veggies like cabbage, kale and cauliflower are known for their cancer-fighting properties.

The protective enzymes will flush out most of the cancer causing chemicals and toxins within the body system. These veggies can assist in protecting for skin, liver, stomach breast, bladder, lung and prostate cancers. Broccoli goes well with any dish, as long as large quantities are eaten, fresh, raw, cooked or baked, anything goes.

Top 3 – Tomatoes
Tomatoes especially the fleshy ones, not the watery ones can assist in protecting for harmful cancers, the more meat in the tomato the better the properties. Cooking the tomatoes is healthy too as it advances some of the chemical structures which increases its anti-cancer benefits.

Top 4 – Garlic

Loved by many, hated by millions, but its health benefits are known in every corner of the world. Garlic really helps to flush the system for any toxins. Studies have shown that the chance to breast, stomach, esophageal and colon cancer is reduced by eating larger quantities of garlic. Crushed garlic is better as it will release important enzymes.

Top 5 – Beans
A study found that navy and black beans significantly reduce breast and colon cancer. A diet rich in the legumes increases levels of the fatty acids which also protect against the growth of cancers. Beans also help to reduce the amount of toxic gases in the body.


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