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Don’t suffer in silence

DO you feel stressed and tired all the time? Has your GP told you to rest and give it time? Perhaps your ailment has been put down to age. Worst of all, you might have been told nothing can be done to ease your pain and you’re simply going to have to live with it. However, a leading south Manchester chiropractor is bringing a groundbreaking technology used by world class athletes to his practice in Stockport.

Andrew Jackson from Manchester & Stockport Chiropractic Clinic said: “Don’t we want our bodies to function the best they can? “I am very excited to be bringing this technology to my patients. “We’ve already had amazing success, not only with spinal problems, backache, sciatica and disc problems but with thyroid, obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, ME and fibromyalgia.”

Andrew and his team at Manchester & Stockport Chiropractic Clinic understand that medication only deals with the effects of underlying problems and doesn’t get to the cause. The nervous system controls every bodily function and to be fully healthy it needs to work without interference.
However, Andrew believes that the western lifestyle has a negative effect on brain and nerve function. But, by analysing these stresses through specific muscle testing using this NASA technology, Andrew can tell where the brain to body communication is being choked.

He said: “You have nothing to lose by coming to our clinic. As well as allowing patients to help understand the cause of their pain, the technology will aid the development of individual tailor-made care programmes for improved health, function and flexibility.
“We are now giving the community the opportunity to visit the clinic and receive painless computerised scans, free from radiation and needles.


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