Now You Can Make Money On Facebook

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It has been a year since I have started using Facebook. The number of “friends” I have has breached 4 figures – from relatives, to really close friends, to recent acquaintances, to high school friends, to college friends, to friends of friends. Being a marketing man, I cannot help but wonder if this network of “friends” can be used for the purpose of selling cars, which is the business I am in. The question is can I use Facebook for business?

Facebook is basically a social networking site. But since its main attraction is to enable users to touch base with their “friends” through the chat feature, it is possible for me to inform my “friends” about new models and ongoing promos (pertaining to the vehicle brand that I am handling) through this facility. I can also post links to my website, which contains brochures and the price list of my products. These initial thoughts point to the fact that I can make money on Facebook.

Since Facebook also allows uploading of photos, I can upload pictures of the vehicles I am marketing for my “friends” to view. Hopefully, this will entice those who have intentions of buying vehicles to make inquiries. And since inquiries and response to inquiries can be done online, it becomes less tedious and takes lesser time. In fact, except for a possible demo drive and the actual release of the unit, everything can be done online, possibly through Facebook. This will make the selling transaction a lot easier.

With more than a thousand “friends” and assuming that 5% of those are in the market for cars, SUV’s and/or light trucks I would have a significant number of hot prospects to work on. But for this media to be a continuous source of prospects, I will have to have more relatives, close friends, recent acquaintances, high school friends, college friends and friends of friends to add to my Facebook account. Probably this is the key to make money on Facebook. By continually increasing the number of “friends” I will be enlarging my potential client base, hence boosting my chances of consummating sales.

But what happens when I run out of “friends” to add? In this unlikely event and assuming that I have exhausted my network of “friends” for the purpose of selling vehicles, my network will still not be put to waste. Aside from the satisfaction of bringing me closer to my “friends” (which is the reason for being of these social networking sites), I may be able to use this network to sell other products. I can still make money on Facebook! I wonder what product I will offer them next.


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