Search Engine Optimization In Detail – The Importance Of Keywords

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Search engine optimization(SEO) is about getting an edge over competitors in getting one’s website preferred and visited by people. It is very much possible that a website having some really solid content is unable to catch the attention of the public which translates into a poor visit rate. This might be attributed dominantly to the fact that despite hard work and research, the creators have not been pragmatic about the website listing. They have ignored the keywords in the content and the structure of the site so that the search engines automatically prefer listing other websites over theirs in search results.

The keyword density in the website content is a major factor that is gauged by the search engines. Websites are listed with decreasing order of keyword density in their results shown to the user so that, in their own logic, the ‘highest-relevant’ material website is shown first and made available to the user for optimum results.

Also, the popularity of the keywords determines higher or lower website listing. If the keyword is very popular, then, there will be intense competition and getting a higher place would be very difficult. However, if the keyword is not very sought after or researched so much, then, it would be pretty easy for an ambitious website creator to get the top notch on that keyword.

Keyword proximity is another important concept that affects website listings. This concept applies to keywords with two or more words only. Take for instance the keyword “geography books”. This concept gauges how close the words in the keywords are mentioned in the websites shown in the search engine results. Their closeness would be a benchmark in listing them in the search engine. For instance, if the keywords in the website are listed immediately after each other without any spaces between them, they would involve a higher listing on the search engine as compared to websites with the words “geography” in one paragraph while the word “books” in the second paragraph.

To get the results you want in search engine optimization you must have a solid SEO plan and apply it. Luckily there are a lot of web services which offer SEO packages that you can choose from.


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