Benefits of Estradiol Vaginal Cream

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Are you bothered by the dryness and itchiness of your private part? Are you ashamed to talk about it with your doctor?  Vaginal dryness happens for a lot of reasons and one of these is menopause. You can stop worrying about it now as you can buy Estradiol Vaginal Cream to get rid of the discomfort. Ask your specialist for a prescription.

Vaginal dryness occurs in women who go through menopausal. The use of the cream provides relief from the uneasiness and dryness that you feel inside your vagina. It also is helpful in alleviating the discomfort that you get with hot flashes and mood swings. The cream not only provides respite from pain and itchiness, it also decreases the thinning of your vaginal tissues. 

You can buy Estradiol Vaginal Cream if you are tired from drinking all the pills that you have been prescribed to take. This is hormonal treatment that you put inside your vagina with the use of specially made applicator. Generally the cream is applied only once until your condition improves. Take note that possible side effects such as headaches, bloating, and you may find that your breasts are too sensitive to the touch. Be sure to report to your doctor if you notice any unusual bleeding.

You go through menopause when you cease to have your monthly periods. You know that you are in the menopausal because you have not had your menstruation for a year. A lot of changes occur when you go through menopause. It can be distressing and uncomfortable and it affects you physically and your vagina is not exempted. Symptoms of vaginal discomfort associated with menopause include vaginal soreness or pain, dryness and itching. This happens because of the low level of estradiol. Once you have the prescription from your doctor you can now buy Estradiol Vaginal Cream so you can commence using the medication.

As a treatment for menopause, the vaginal cream is used with a low dose and for a short period of time. The use of the cream will enable for the estradiol to be soaked up in your bloodstream. Always use Estradiol Vaginal Cream based on the instructions given to you by your physician. The exact dose must be used so check what is written down on your prescription or read the cream’s leaflet. Prior to application, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly and ensure that you use the applicator to insert the medication into your vagina. Once you are done, clean the applicator with warm sudsy water and dry it completely for the next use. Never use boiling or hot water on the applicator. You should be able to feel the difference in three or four week’s time.

Vaginal dryness can be very disturbing and hurting especially when you make love. Even if you feel like having sex your body refuse to cooperate. When confronted with this circumstances, let Estradiol Vaginal help you. Ask your doctor how often you should be using the cream.

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