Living With Bipolar Disorder

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Also known as manic depression, Bipolar Disorder is a serious form of mental illness characterized by rapid and abrupt mood swings. A person suffering from manic depression demonstrates extremely excited impulsive behavior. The person is usually full of energy during the phase of mania. Unlike the usual ups and downs that a person goes through in the day-to-day life, this brain disorder is far more severe. In some cases, the sufferer might engage in risky or unhealthy behavior such as drug use, spending sprees, or impulsive and unprotected sex. A prolonged phase of manic depression might bring on feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and loss of interest in activities one normally enjoys. It is a life-long condition and requires long term treatment. The treatment process involves the guidance of a therapist with medications and counseling sessions. With support and love from the family members and the right treatment from a good therapist, the treatment gets more effective.

Bipolar Disorder is not a mental disorder that is only prevalent among common people. A number of famous personalities with above average creativity and extra-ordinary skills are often seen to become preys to this disorder. Famous writers like Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens, Kenneth Graham; actors and actresses like Drew Carey, Jim Carrey, Marilyn Monroe, Kevin McDonald; Musicians and composers like Charles Ives, Anton Bruckner, Alexander Scriagbin, Charles Parker and Stephen Foster have been diagnosed with bipolar depression in their lifetime. It must have been difficult for all these popular men and women to cope with the symptoms of manic depression. But they have successfully overcome their problems and stood apart as supreme individuals. This gives us the hope and assurance that people with manic depression can be treated and they can live their lives successfully.

The treatment process for this disorder involves guidance of a therapist with medications and counseling sessions. A number of famous personalities with above average creativity and remarkable skills have been diagnosed with this disease, but have overcome it and led extraordinary lives.

If you or any one you know is suffering from this severe form of mental illness then you should try to find a reliable therapist for treatment. You can also participate in a Bipolar Forum on numerous mental health service and therapy related websites. You can share your experiences and success stories with others by participating in the popular Bipolar Forums.

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